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Quick addition to the piece:

One other thing that I forgot to mention in the piece is that "A series of mini-series" is the WORST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS.

See, what happens with POS systems is that they track "series" by an internal number assigned by Diamond called a series code.  However, each mini-series RESETS that series code, making it more difficult to track subscription orders, or to see changes in the series over time, etc. Things like, say, BPRD, which was producing at least 12 issues a year, but renumbering them every few months, didn't show any native relationship to one another when looked up... unless the retailer took extra time and effort to "marry" (and edit!) the various series.

I know that for myself, a lot of time when I'm rushing to get the order form done in time, I'll just "lowball" the next series rather than ordering precisely perfectly in the way that I would with an ongoing book. And why wouldn't I? It is "just a mini-series"!