The CE Sale: Part 1 (Apologia)

Okay. A bit of patience, please. I apologize--I had a lot more pictures and I tried to get Picasa to upload them all at one go, but it had no idea what the hell I was trying to do and wanted none of it. And I didn't mean to have these all pop up in different entries, but what the hell.

This isn't all saleswhoremanship on my part by the way--I love a good sale and waited a long time for CE to have something like this. (In fact, it took so long, I ended up working there instead. Sigh.) So I got up this morning, made my way to the store before it opened and rifled through the bins trying to see what kind of stuff Hibbs had put out there.

And I gotta say, I was shocked. He's moving stuff that hasn't sold, but also a lot of overstock of stuff that will sell. I saw the DC Showcase: Justice League of America for ten bucks, for crying out loud. This isn't the kind of sale where you feel like you're robbing the owner blind--this is Hibbs, after all--but if you figure in that offer to blog readers that Brian mentioned in a post below (which expires January 8th), you're gonna see some even bigger savings. If nothing else, all of this stuff is priced at a fair price--the price you always wanted to pay for, say, issues of The Escapist, or the DC Archives.

Anyway, let me walk you through some of the highlights in the entries above. Posted by Picasa