The Bendis Batman / Daredevil thing

Only because BMB asked that retailers pester Levitz over this thing, here's one retailer's 2 cents. Putting aside the whole "DC sucks! It's just like the old days with Stan! Except I talk about penises!" trip that Quesada and Jemas were on (and, see, actions have consequences -- does no one remember the adage of being nice on your way up because you get to meet all of those people again on your way back down?), I don't think there's a lot of value in DC getting in bed with Marvel as long as Marvel's current publishing policies are as they are.

Remember AVENGERS/ JLA? Marvel printed #1 and 3. Limited to initial orders only. Sold out upon release. Took no responsibility whatsoever.

DC printed #2 & 4. Had copies available for reorder. Still do, in fact. When #4 ran late, DC applied their returnable policy for mini-series and took BOTH #2 and #4 returnable.

I mean, game set and match.

Plus, let's not forget that they've done it before. Try 1997 and 2000?