Staggeringly Epic, part 2

Just because I'm not seeing anything on any of the News sites, let's print out today's news release:  


Due to a production shortage, DC Entertainment announces an update on allocations to these Villains Month 3-D Motion Cover issues:

Batman #23.4: Bane (JUL130188) will ship at approximately 93% of your previous allocation.

Batman/Superman #3.1: Doomsday (JUL130184) will ship at approximately 84% of your previous allocation.

Superman #23.4: Parasite (JUL130183) will ship at approximately 90% of your previous allocation.

All three of these issues are scheduled to arrive in stores on September 25.

As a reminder, the standard editions of these titles are available for advance reorder



If you don't speak retailer, that says that three of the final 12 Villains Month comics will have a second, additional allocation on top of the first one.  If you've got speculators chumming for books locally, they'll be chumming for those even more.

Too bad if you dropped your top level orders down to keep quantities even -- your not even going to get 100% of what we told you you were, hooray! So much for planning!