Settlement entered and served!

The Hibbs v Marvel settlement was entered into court yesterday, August 23rd, and has been served to Marvel as of today 8/24. A 30 day appeals window has now opened, where any members of the class who haven't opted-out may appeal the settlement.

Presuming no one does that, Marvel has 30 days, beginning Friday September 23rd, to pay the settlement monies. Therefore, unless something strange and odd happens, all credit should be paid no later than Monday, October 24th. Marvel, of course, may choose to begin payments on "day #1" rather than "day #30".

At a completely wild-ass, wholly uniformed guess that's based upon nothing whatsoever, timing of the payment might depend on whether Marvel wants the liability on thier books in the end of the 3rd quarter or the beginning of the 4th quarter.

Either way, unless a member of the class appeals, credit should be issued between 9/23 and 10/24.