Scott Pilgrim Release Party video

Christopher Rogers took a bunch of video from the SP6 release party last week, linked under the jump...

The first sales at 12:01

The first books are sold at Comix Experience\'s Scott Pilgrim 6 Launch Party

The View from the top of the stairs:

The View From the Top of the Stairs

An interview with Robert Easley about the Cardboard Tube Fighting League

Interview with Robert Easley about his Cardboard Tube Fighting battles

The final battle of the Cardboard tube fight (sorry, it's dark -- by this time someone had broken the lightbulb in the backroom!)

Cardboard Tube Fighting Final at Comix Experience\'s Scott Pilgrim 6 Launch Party: Skylar vs Fayrn

And, an interview with Fayrn, the winner of the battles (and how awesome is it that such a wee girl beat the entire field of fighters?)

A brief interview with Fayrn, cardboard tube fighting champion at Comix Experience

There's also a bunch of photos that Jim Flood took up on Facebook, linked to the CE page -- I'm working on getting copies of those to we can ungate those...

It was awesome, and fun!