Ow, sorry, timewarp!

Backstage problems here at SavCrit, and everything that was posted in the last 97 days just got deleted. The GOOD news is it is in service of getting rid of the damn spam (though, that will still be a bit more time, but it IS being actively worked on) It is possible (?) that John K and Jeff and Abhay all wrote things in Word first, and can restore their posts, but I'm not going to bet on it.  I know I sure as heck didn't! Still, happy thoughts, right?

I am SO close to being done with the main parts of back issue project at the new store that is soaking virtually all of my time (I just started pricing "SUperman" this morning, just eleven more long boxes to go! Though only three of those are bagged & boarded this second...), and once I've squared away the last few bits of things that exist there, my next major goal is resuming regular reviews from me here at the Critic.  Third quarter sometime, but don't be shocked if it's closer on the Sept side than the Jul side.

Anyway, regular content returning from me Pretty Soon(tm), and I really want to thank Abhay and John (Especially!) for holding down the fort for me here. And I really miss Jeff & Graeme, too, but the need more than someone who was treating this as a secondary interest.

GUILTY, but, like I said, things are changing.  This timewarp is just a sad and stupid manifestation.