Moving? Need Boxes?

Dude, the truck came FOUR hours late today (pulled up at 5:05 pm), so I didn't even get home until 13 hours after I left this morning. Thus: head aches too much to review. However, this gives me the excuse to post something I keep thinking should mention and keep forgetting to do...

If you're moving, you need boxes. Many many boxes. Boxes are life.

Comics are pretty bulky. Really, quite amazingly bulky, really, so comic shops get lots and lots of boxes every week.

The nice thing about the boxes they ship our comics in, is that they come with two inner boxes inside the outer box -- one box actually contains 3 boxes. And they're not shitty boxes. They're actually really strong high quality boxes.

They're perfect for packing comics in of course. Ever so less perfect for other kinds of books. The work great for clothes and things like that, too.

Anyway, every week, I have at least 15 or so of these boxes which we just dump out for the cardboard scavengers to get. Why not just give them to you instead?

So, if you're moving, and if you need boxes.... ask at your Local Comic Book Store to see if you can have theirs. You'll be happy.

More later.