More Hours, More Money: Jeff's Friday Challenge

This post is to take of two little pieces of business. First, Hibbs asked me to open the store early tomorrow (Friday, December 23rd) in case of holiday shoppers. We're also planning on staying open a little late, if we get the foot traffic. So if you've got Xmas shopping to do, or just want to swing by and pick up the week's books, we'll be open from 10:00 a.m. 'til....8:00, more than likely.

Second, remember that Penny Arcade comic from 12/7? The 25 cent one that really sucked ass? It's kind of been killing me because I'm a fan of Tycho and Gabe's site and said so in the newsletter and feel like several people gave the book at shot because of me (and BrianE said as much in the comments for Brian's entry).

Now, this is precisely the reason why Comix Experience, if I ran it, would last about a week and a half, but if you bought the Penny Arcade twenty-five cent comic and thought it sucked (and really, how could you not?) bring it back to me and I will refund you the entire quarter you paid for it. In addition, I will pay you an additional ten cents to cover your reading time.

Now there are exceptions to this offer. You must come into the store on a Friday, and get the money back from me personally. This is exactly the sort of thing Hibbs wouldn't want to encourage, I have no doubt, but also it's coming out of my pocket, not the store's. Second, I know we only stocked about 25 of these suckers, putting my total out-of-pocket is capping around nine bucks, so no jokers who got burned buying this book up in Oregon. Third, I'm really, really sorry and hopefully those of you who try out books on my say-so will continue to do so every once in a while.

I'm thinking when I get all those books back, I might mail 'em to Tycho and Gabe with a letter telling them each book represents a potential new readers they lost--it seems like the sort of thing that make an impresison on them. Or maybe the books will just end up in the longboxes the next time I have one of my crazy-ass garage sales. But either way, you have a chance to get your quarter back--with a dime to boot!

So, those are my talking points: store's open tomorrow from 10:00 to 8:00 (unless there's absolutely no foot traffic for fifteen minutes or so after 7:00 p.m.) and to all of you who got that book: I'm really, really sorry.