Kids these days!

So, I'm waiting for UPS this AM, and because my driver is the most passive-aggressive one in the system (it's a long long story) he's way down on the far corner so he doesn't park where I can instantly spot him (seriously, LONG story!) Then I see two gentlemen strolling down the street in front of the store, carrying  Diamond box.  I dream about Diamond boxes. I can spot one from a mile away, most likely.

I walk outside.

"Uh, excuse me, guys, but would you mind telling me just why you're carrying my box down the street?"

The one not carrying the box puffs up like a rooster, "Yo, bitch! This ain't your box, this is OUR box, got that?"

I roll my eyes.  "Listen, man, you can try and pop me if you think it's worth it for a restock box of graphic novels, but I don't think you could sell that shit to anyone"  The box has the orange restock tag thing on it, that's how I knew it wasn't like DC 3d covers or something.

He advances on me, chest out.

"Besides, my address is on the side right there"

He looks uncertain. "Oh, yeah? What's your address then? Huh?" He covers the label with his hand.

"Seriously? It's just like the sign right there..." (I point) "says: Comix Experience, 305 Divisadero St.  Do you want the zip code, man?"

The two guys look at me, look at the box, look back at each other.  "Uh, our mistake, bro" and they hand me the box and start strolling back down the street again.


Retail is never dull!


(The UPS driver? Had no idea he'd been ripped off -- he'd already scanned the box and dropped it on the cart. *sigh* He didn't apologize, either.)