I no longer carry Marvel Comics!

Well, not intentionally, or anything.

But I came in this morning to a "drip drip drip" sound.

Hm, that's not good, I thought, and, hey, why are there puddles on the floor?

Some moron staying at the hotel above apparently decided that if the toilet doesn't flush, they should simply flush it again and again and again until it finally flushed (which it never did). Gravity is a bitch, and it has nowhere to go but down, and down it did go, into my store.

The entire Marvel periodicals rack, completely wiped out.

Half a month's rent in product damage, not counting rack damage or my labor. YAY!!!!

I'm just glad my landlord (the hotel) has good insurance, and is usually fine working with me on this kind of thing.


On the other hand, I'm glad I keep the new comics separated from the Not New ones, so New Comics Day can proceed as normal... but I've now got hours of database work in front of me to adjust all of the inventory levels and whatever.