I Am Truly Happy That SAGA v2 is Being Released Tomorrow

This is partly twitter-bait (since the headline's here auto-post under my "personal" Twitter account), but man I really owe you a full post of just how well SAGA v1 sells for us.  I was sorta holding out for the end of the month, where I'll have the half-year of what's selling at CE, but I'll spoil the big reveal to note that v1 is now my second-best selling title in the store's history of point-of-sale.  Nearly seven years. It just passed into that spot a few days ago, where it passed the previous #2, THE WALKING DEAD v1.  Understand, that is for sales of TWD v1 OVER THE LAST SEVEN YEARS. Uh, yeah.

What's the most remarkable about SAGA is that it steadily sells even at this point.  When it crossed into #2 position, it was something like 243 copies sold in 248 days -- even at this point, months and months after it first came out, we're still selling 5+ copies a week.

Let me put this in perspective: this simply doesn't happen, normally.  We're generally selling less than 5 copies of TWD v1 or WATCHMEN (our #1 of all time) a month.

It really is the perfect "go to" book of the moment: there's not a person, male or female, older or younger, that's come back to me and said "that sucked!" -- usually it is them coming back and begging for v2!

So, yeah, Thanks so very much to Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples for giving me a comic that I can sell so well!! That's rare these days.