Hibbs says "Bye-eee!"

Off to Vegas, be back on... well from your POV, probably Sunday. (Maybe MOnday, when I think of it) Sorry I've been slack the last few days -- lots on my mind!

One other thing I forgot to mention: in addition to the shipping-from-Diamond list I posted, we ALSO got these items in this week, via Baker & Taylor:

ALIAS THE CAT HC (Kim Deitch) BLINDSPOT GN (Kevin Pyle -- I really really liked this one, though it's a smidge expensive for how long it takes to read) FLIGHT v1 & v2 -- the new "Ballentine" editions PROFESSOR'S DAUGHTER TINY TYRANT -- both from FirstSecond, and, I think, the strongest two books in this "wave" of releases.

As far as I know, we're the only store in SF to have these books currently, as DIamond hasn't distributed them yet. That's one reason I bought them via B&T.

In addition to that, they're CHEAPER from B&T -- Diamond offered them all at a "H" discount (max 40%), while B&T had them for about 46%, once you calculate the free shipping, the extra pre-order discount, and the additional "pay on time" discount.

Plus, they're returnable. (not that I order anything to return - but its nice to know that option is potentially available)

So, the BOOKSTORE distributor beats the COMICS-SPECIFIC distributor on a) time, b) discount, and c) returnability.

There's something very very wrong with this picture. (which, amazingly, will get worse once they're no longer "new" -- Diamond's discount will drop to a pathetic 37% on these as reorders, while I can not possibly order them for B&T for less than 43%)

Can you guess one of my prime topics for the ComicsPRO meeting?

Anyway, see you in a while!