Hibbs is doing stuff, honestly (some 3/23 included)

Where have I been this week? Well, most importantly, I'm waiting for my new computer to arrive -- my home machine mostly-died nearly 3 weeks ago, after about a 10-year run, and I can run anything past basic surfing on it, which means that all writing has to be done at work, sheesh -- it was scheduled to arrive today, but FedEx ground has, seemingly, lost it....  at least until Monday. *grumble*

Then we have the latest podcast with Comic Book Geek Speak -- I very much enjoy talking with those guys, and this is my third go 'round, I think? -- which you can find here.

Plus, there's a new TILTING AT WINDMILLS where I reflect a little on some deaths, and what we living should do about it. Read that here.

Plus, just so I can feel like I'm keeping my goal of one-review-a-week-minimum....

BATMAN INC. #4: What a terrific issue! Much of that is on artist Chris Burnham, who has a really awesome line quality, swinging around in points like the love child of Frank Quitely and JH Williams, while bringing some awesome retro-chops to the flashback sequences. Fast enough artist to do a monthly? I WANTS! I thought this was really VERY GOOD, even if it really is kind of stupid to ship an issue just 2 weeks after the last, especially if #5-12 aren't going to ship clockwork-monthly.

UNCANNY X-MEN #534: The end of the "Contagion" storyline worked just fine -- it is perfectly OK -- but, me, I want to comment on the "Bonus Book" bit at the end. I think that IF Marvel thinks they have to price books at $3.99, then putting in an entire other comic book makes that, actually, a fairly good value, and a nice way to cross-promote stuff.  But I have to STRONGLY question the sense in doing a bonus reprinting of an issue #1 for a title that's currently on issue #11, with no paperback available, or on the immediate horizon.

Even more importantly, I question the wisdom of not telling the retailers about it whatsoever, and not giving us a CHANCE to build something around the marketing. No retailer likes to be taken by surprise!

Anyway, what do YOU think?