Happy Birthday, Ben!!

He's Four Years old today -- how does the time fly? I know I have to upload some new pics soon, but things have been hectic.

Nor are things helped by what happened this morning.

I opened the store and was sitting down to my breakfast when I heard a pitter-pat sound. Um, wtf...?

Oh, water coming from the ceiling. Oh, the pitter-pat is becoming a gush gush gush. Oh, shit, it's raining!

Yep, from the hotel above us. Again. Water is shooting out from the ceiling, cascading along the track lighting, with not just a drip drip, but with the force of a garden hose. Its from a toilet, of course, so the water isn't exactly, um, pure.

I run to the hotel, scream that there's a problem, and rush back to the store to get buckets out, and clear what I can. It's almost Rube Goldberg-like -- put a bucket over here, new leak springs over there, move something from there, more water comes over here, whee!

I look up, realize that at least five minutes have passed, and rush back to the hotel. "No, really, it's an emergency!"

Brother at the front desk had decided to keep checking out guests, and not to figure out where the leak was coming from, sheesh.

Finally he comes over, ascertains which room it would be, and we find out it was a toilet overflowing in 112. Finally it stops.

Casualties: The Crime rack, and the Women Artists section. Everything on those two racks is GONE. We also lost most of the material on the bottom shelf of the Euro rack, meaning most of the British imports, the bottom shelf of the porno comics (Gasp, no more copies of DILDO, what a loss!!!), and the bottom shelf of the left side of the New Comics Rack, so there go this week's Kids books. On, and PREVIEWS, 3 months worth.

Total damage? Nearly $3300 in product, hurray.

Landlord promises to tile all of the bathrooms in the hotel so this CAN'T happen again. I sure hope so.

Me, my hands are sticky, I need to take a shower before Ben's birthday dinner tonight. Why does shit like this (no pun intended) always happen on something like a birthday day?

I had this whole plan today where I was going to write reviews and stuff, but instead, I'm in cleanup mode.


Retail is FUN!!!