[*ding*] Image Comics has LEVELED UP!

So I didn't really say anything here on the first part of the SAGA no-reprint saga, but Rich Johnston got TWO stories out of it, the second of which of which quotes me, and I somehow don't think there's going to be a "retailers respond to the GOOD news" post over there (since Rich is, let's face it, a muck raker), so let me take what space that I can to publicly give some props to Eric Stephenson and Image comics for not only listening to their retail partners, not only for totally accepting the blame, but for then finding an entirely inspired solution to just how to use a carrot to get MORE copies of SAGA into the retail market. THAT is how a publisher is meant to behave, and I personally predict strong response from the retail community to this turn of events (I know I, at least, am going to go and try to predict what the SIX MONTH horizon for this issue is going to be, and order them upfront *purely* as a result of this turn about.

That sound you heard was +2000 XP for Image Comics, and the big level up -- I think they are at Name level now, and, though I need to check the rulebook to be sure, I think this is the one where they get a keep. (Or, is it a henchmen?)

Either way, great frickin' job! This is exactly why Image sales are strongly climbing at Comix Experience (something you're going to see pretty clearly in about 2 weeks when I post my end-of-year numbers)