Digital: Week 1

There's NO WAY I am going to do this each and every week, but I thought it might be instructive to look at first week digital sales here. So far, we've sold six comics.

One was to a fellow retailer, who, when contacted, said "just wanted to see what the user experience would be like, thought that was worth $4!", so I'm kind of not going to count that one.

Of the remaining five, and I find this FASCINATING, only 2 of the 5 were a book from a review (in this case, Popeye #1... which, additionally, IDW seems sold out on; or at least, there were no copies to reorder this week)

Two other sales were for Danger Club #1 (which sold terribly for me in print -- I'll be cutting my order for the next one by 2/3rds, I think), and there was also one for Manhattan Projects #1 (which sold well, and continues to sell well with a second printing, for me in print)

The five sales were to four unique customers. Going by the mailing address on their PayPal accounts, two of them are in Ohio, one is in Texas, one is in Washington (the state). That's as close as I'm willing to identify individuals to you. Three of the four live in cities that HAVE a comic book store. OBVIOUSLY, the mailing address on a PayPal account isn't necessarily factual, or takes things into account like "I travel 10 months of the year" or whatever.

But, I have to point out that I sold 6 print comics within four minutes of opening the store this morning (and Tuesdays are, generally, our worst days), and I earned a much better margin on those sales, and don't have to split them with a bunch of fellow reviewers, so this is not, as of this second, going to fund my retirement!