CIVIL WAR #6 massively allocated on West Coast

LA's invoicing just went up, and it looks like EVERY West Coast retailer is getting massively allocated (to the tune of 10-15% -- I ordered 100 copies, and am recieving 14) on CIVIL WAR #6 this week. We're ASSUMING it's like last week's problem with the DCs, and they didn't, y'know, burn up in a fiery traffic accident or something, but we don't actually know because, as is normal, we found out by looking at our invoices, and not because anyone at Diamond, y'know, told us.

I'll have the shipping list up on tomorrow (or probably Monday), but in the meantime I want your input of how to deal with this operationally.

As I see it, I have 3 options: 1) Fill the subs to the degree that I can. We have (I think) 42 preorders for CIVIL WAR #6, and we're getting 14 copies. I can possibly FIFO the order with which people signed up, or I can give them in the order that people arrive, or I can do what I did with JUSTICE #9 last week and just fill in alpha-order (skipping the staff, skipping anyone w/o current paperwork, and anyone with a week+ of holds on file). Ken Valentin did not like this method last week.

2) Skip the subs entirely, and just make it first-come/first-served to the first 14 people who walk in the door. However, subscribers have signed a legal binding contract to purchase the book from me, many as much as 19 weeks in advance (CW #6 is very late), so this is a crummy plan in terms of risk/reward.

3) Say "fuck it" and just not sell ANYONE the book until I can sell it to EVERYONE. The problem with this concept is that we have 3 other stores in a mile of us. 6 in 2 miles. Now, everyone in the City of San Francisco will be out by, say, 1 PM, and, in a scenerio #2, I can only help 14 people any way, but I'm not so sure that I want to tell the first 2 hours of New Comics Day trade (they being the hardcorest of the hardcore) to go to another store.

What do you think?

Additionally, I want to strongly urge all Blog Critics reading this to please NOT review CIVIL WAR #6 for a week -- at least 1/3 of the country isn't going to be able to read it this week (and all of Australia... they're served from the LA warehouse), and saying anything that could be remotely read as a spoiler is really just Dirty Pool.