All Hail Saint Joe!

Today is, of course, Free Comic Book Day, which is, despite what any Decemberist might say, The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year!

I was at the store for about 2 hours this morning (hey, I like having my weekends off, thenkyewveddymuch), and I'm always impressed by doing like 60% of a normal Saturday in the first 90 minutes of the day. That is, as the kidz say, "Teh aw3s0m3"

I really really love FCBD -- sure *I* have to pay for the comics to give away, but for the amount of business it drives, it is more than worth it; and the best thing is that, really, that's all I *have* to do. I know some people go nuts and put up tents and have massive signings and door prizes and events and whatever. I just open the door. I don't advertise it, or promote it, or really do anything other than open the door (with a smile), and it's always one of our best days of the year and that's just wonderfully awesome.

The overwhelming majority of people are awesome about it -- not being greedy, not trying to grab everything that isn't nailed down, not "misunderstanding" the intent or the realities. The best people are the families who bring in packs of little kids -- man those kids look... well, like kids in a comic book store!

Anyway, it is always worth thanking our partners for helping us pull off this event, and, especially, to face South (well, or West or North, depending where you are), and thanking Joltin' Joe Field, of Flying Colors Comics and Other Cool Stuff in Concord, California, for coming up with this idea in the first place. I really think this event, alone, has done more for comics and comic book stores than all of the Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Watchmen movies throughout time, put together.

Thanks, Joe -- you rock!