A thought about "Free" Comic Book Day

The first Saturday in May is coming soon, and with it Free Comic Book Day. I Love Free Comic Book Day. Adore it.  It's the happiest day of the year, as far as I am concerned. But one thing it very much isn't is "free" for the retailer.

I count fifty-seven FCBD comics for 2014. If your retailer were to let you have one copy of each release, her cost would be $16.83. That doesn't count the shipping, either. Figure about another $2.85 to get those comics into the store. The total, then? $19.68.

It's just something to bear in mind when you rush down to FCBD -- Just three comics for you can be over a dollar (depending on which books you pick) for your retailer.  And while most of us are happy to do the outreach (I am!), you should take a little pity on your local store when you make your selections, and don't take things just because they are "free", but because you actually want them!