A quick check-in from Hibbs (8/30 books)

Why is it that "three day weekend" holidays end up with MORE work being needed to catch up? I'm more swamped than normal, and I've got, maybe, 20 minutes now before the truck shows up with this week's comics, and I'm oddly grumpy about everything.

First off, because I'm sure someone cares, that "3 week supply" I described last week RE: LOST GIRLS? Looks like I'm higher than a kite. We sold our last copy this morning. I've even brought back my copy from home (because I don't much care if I end up with a first printing or not) -- so, yeah, we ended up having a really good week last week, thanks to that $75-a-throw pornography.

I'm not really in much mood to review this week, sorry, but I did want to say that I was deeply weirded out by BLACK PANTHER #19, where both T'Challa and Doom tell Storm to shut up like a good girl, and, uh, she does. And gives the Panther a big kiss for it, too. Yikes.

Yeah, that's all I want to write for now. I'll try to do some real reviews for this week's books, if the loss of a day doesn't kill me...

I'd ask you what you think... but I didn't tell you what *I* did, did I?