20 Years of Experience!

First off, the new TILTING AT WINDMILLS is up at Comic Book Resources -- it is all about the ComicsPRO meeting from last week, and also has a look inside Diamond's new warehouse.

But this week's bigger news is that on Wednesday, April 1st, it is the 20th anniversary of Comix Experience.

Whoa. Man, it sure don't feel like 20 years.

On 4/1, we're going to hold a food drive for the San Francisco Food Bank. If you bring a can of food in as a donation, then you will get 20% off absolutely anything in the store.

And, yes, Wednesday is New Comics Day; and, yes, that discount will apply to that week's new comics as well, so, y'know, it is kind of a good deal.

The discount will ONLY be given with a food donation, so do make sure you bring one, otherwise you'll have to run next door to the market and have to buy one, and you'll probably feel a little silly.

Anyway, I do hope to see you there, and I would certainly appreciate it if you can help spread the word. I'd very much like to have the big food barrel all filled up when they come to take it back the next day!

Finally, speaking personally, I know that I will be happy to take any and all donations of 20 year old scotch whiskey, and I'll be just as happy to share it with people who show up as well, so we can drink and have a good time too, as well as helping out a great charity.

Hope to see you there on Wednesday, April 1st, at Comix Experience!