Wait, Whoops? Episode 9 Podcast is Available!

Photobucket Thanks for those who patiently kept trying to get our podcast on Itunes after  I screwed things up.  Things should be much better with, you know, people being able to actually download the podcasts and stuff, and now they have their original air dates (kinda) .  Man, the hijinks that ensue if you put your Itunes rss identifier on line three instead of line two...

On the plus side, those who have successfully subscribed to the Itunes podcast already have access to parts one and two of Episode Nine!  (On the minus side, that's because...I accidentally uploaded the feed with the links before Graeme gave me the go-ahead?  Sorry, Graeme!)

Anyhoo, here's installment 9.1 where we talk about Brian Bendis and Scarlet; first trade paperback of Dark Avengers; Daredevil and the current Shadowland story arc, and more:

Wait, What? Episode 9.1

Then, in installment 9.2, we bust out the old "blind guys feeling different parts of an elephant and thinking we've grasped snake and a palm tree, both of which Hollywood has utterly ruined" approach for this year's San Diego Comic Con.  (At the every end we also throw in a little bit of Dr. Who, The Venture Brothers, the Return of Bruce Wayne #4, the artists of Grant Morrison, and what to make of the upcoming movie Sucker Punch.):

Wait, What? Episode 9.2

Anyway, this is my first time trying to to embed podcast entries in a post, so wouldn't it be amusing if it didn't work? (Yes.  So very...god-damned... amusing.)