Wait, Whatting For Godot: Graeme & Jeff Give You The Lost Podcasts

I'm dragging Graeme's name in there because he's a draw, but really it's all my fault. We recorded all of Episode 5 way back in the early days of September. I mixed and uploaded the first installment, then we felt compelled to talk about the Disney/Marvel thing, I mixed and uploaded that, and then I just really behind the curve. I won't bore you with details--and anyway, apologizing for not posting on your blog is so 2002, isn't it?--but for those of you who still enjoy this sort of thing, here's:

Wait, What? Episode 5.2: In which Graeme and I talk about Brian Wood and Dave Cockrum (among other things);

Wait, What? Episode 5.3: In which Graeme and I talk about 20th Century Boys and Dazzler: The Movie: The Graphic Novel, and announce a contest; and

Wait, What? The Britpop Edition: In which Graeme tries to educate me on Britpop and especially the career of Oasis, much to my bafflement and delight.

Believe it or not, thanks to covering manga, trade collections, and specific careers, these episodes, although a month in the can, don't seem especially dated. I was surprised, when I finally got the time to sit down and edit them, that they did not stink up the joint with their ancientness.

As for that contest, we should give you actual rules, but we're too disorganized to figure any out. Just listen to the podcast, and submit your entry in the comments section for this entry and after a week or so, Graeme will select the winner!

Thanks for your patience, and we hope you enjoy this abundance of comix conversation!