Wait, What Podcast, ep. 3.1: Graeme and Jeff Talk the Long Con....

Con reports age faster than wizards in Conan stories after you remove their special amulets, so this did not have a terribly long editing period: it runs just under an hour because we didn't know where to split it and Skype's new settings mixed me a bit lower and Graeme a bit louder. But! We talk about the differences between this year's SDCC and last year's, each recommend a book we picked up from SDCC, and you get a bit of the "Prince & The Pauper" thing going on since Graeme was covering the show for io9, and I was chasing work.

We've got plans to do a more solid reviewy podcast in the near future, and I want to actually write some reviews (if I can make the time in all my manuscript wrangling) so if you don't dig this, stick around! There's more coming down the pike.

We hope you enjoy.