Wait, What? More Wait, What?? Already?

What's that, you say? You'd like even more Wait, What? Well, you're in luck. In an, I'm sure, never to be repeated turn of events, here's the first part (of two) of the conversation Jeff and I had last Wednesday, talking about Jack Kirby, the Amish, and not quite getting around to Darwyn Cooke's The Man With The Getaway Face. Yes, we managed to turn around an hour-long podcast in less than a week. This will likely never, ever happen again, so just take what you can get and like it. (Part two, we hope, at some point this week. We finally get around to Darwyn Cooke in that one.)

(Also: Unless technology has decided to stab me in the back, there should be a little icon beside the "the first part" up there that'll let you listen to said podcast right now as part of this here post.)