Wait, What Lives. Oh yes.

Because someone - actually, in this case, two someones, and their names are Tim Callahan and Lauren Davis (Hello, you two) - demanded it: A brand new Wait, What? podcast starring Mr. Jeff Lester Esq. and myself. In fact, this is the first of three, and I'll post the other two tomorrow and Friday. An early word of apology: These were recorded a long time ago - Long enough, in fact, that I was still with io9, my cat hadn't died (She makes a cameo appearance in one of the episodes), and Blackest Night #7 had just come out. So, as much as anything, these are historical artifacts and should be adored and held in high esteem as such. (The reason for the delay, by the way, is that I was trying to be smart and work out how to get a player embedded in the posts and create an RSS feed and get them on iTunes and all manner of things that are literally way above my intelligence level. Even with the help of David Brothers, I have so far failed spectacularly at this. Luckily, however, I refuse to let this defeat me. One day, you mark my words...)

Anyway: Enjoy. And we'll try to get more regular about these things now, too. Honest.

(Edited to add: I think I've fixed the broken links to the old podcasts as well, now. But don't hold me to it.)