Wait, What? Ep. 79.1: iPhones and Asshats

Photobucket Multitasking--can it truly be done efficiently?

Studies suggest "no," but if only they could watch me in action, they could change those studies to definitively conclude, "Oh hell, no." At this very moment, I am uploading episode 79.1, listening to episode 79.2, and creating this entry to go live early Tuesday morning. Which will I screw up first? The smart money is on "all three."

That said--hello! Welcome to Episode 79.1! Yes, once again, we are changing things up and going back to two episodes per week, divided up into comfy one hour chunks. I kinda missed having content on the site on Thursdays--I thought it was a nice way to have something up to look at and listen to before John's reviews roll around on Friday. (And thank goodness for that, eh? What a fine addition to the site Mr. K (UK) turned out to be!)

So for the month of March at least--two bite-sized eps of roughly an hour in length. Is that something that turns your crank? Please weigh in at the comments and let us know or shoot us an email at waitwhatpodcast@gmail.com.

Also, I tried to cut back on the infamous "echoing McMillan" effect with limited effect (though I think it sounds better than it has in a few episodes) and I didn't put the episodes through good ol' Levelator. Did you notice? Let us know!

Okay, you say, fine. But what about content? Did you bother to put content into this "installment," Jeff?

Fortunately, yes. M.C. MC and I talk Alan Moore's latest interview (hence the lego effigy you see above), Rich Johnston and the industry's need for scapegoats, the possibility of "good" comics journalism, and Graeme and I discuss whether and when we've gone too far.

Current quantum theory postulates that the podcast both exists and does not exist on iTunes until your feed goes to discover it.  But since we operate in a very meat & potatoes Newtonian-style website, you can also listen to it here, no collapsing wave function required:

Wait, What? Ep. 79.1: iPhones and Asshats

And come back on Thursday for part two--wherein we discuss Avengers Assemble #1, Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man #1 (timely!), Angel and Faith, and much more!