Wait, What? Ep. 40.1: Anniversary Babies

Photobucket Okay, I admit it: the title doesn't really fit with anything Graeme and I mention in this first installment of our 40th podcast. However it is appropriate to when this post goes live--the Tenth Anniversary of the Savage Critic website. It's kind of a big deal for me as I've been here since the site went live (although with much more distance for the last five years or so) and I hope to be here for a while longer yet. I could go on about my feelings for some length--being raised a Spider-Man, I'm pretty much guaranteed to be able to fill one to two pages with internal monologue (though I never did get the hang of that web-swinging thing)--but I'll be merciful and spare you all.

Instead, lemme just say that I did bust the proverbial hump to get this first installment edited and uploaded in time for the big day and we hope you enjoy--in it, Graeme and I talk Time Masters: Vanishing Point and the work of Dan Jurgens; the publicity and marketing of Flashpoint #1, how the heck something like Spider-Island comes about, and I use an extremely inappropriate metaphor to describe Avengers 12.1 (actually, two extremely inappropriate metaphors now that I think of it). Should be available on iTunes by now, as well as the RSS feed for the podcasts, *and* you can listen to it right here, right now:

Wait, What?, Ep. 40.1: Anniversary Babies

We hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening! Crack open a long box in celebration of the anniversary, will you?