Wait, What? ep. 4.4: Just When You Think We're Dead...

Our final installment of the week's podcast is almost an hour long and has it all: Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem!, Captain America Reborn #2, Cracker, Godzilla, Aquaman...then just as it seems we're winding down, a dose of meta and Graeme breaking out the old-school knowledge and talking Chris Claremont's original run of X-Men. Oh, and Julie & Julia, of course.

Oh, and if you get a chance, please take a moment to tell Graeme in the comments he's a dreamboat--it'll make my mancrush seems a little less unseemly...(or will it?)

Again, our thanks to everyone who's chimed in with comments and suggestions, and thanks to Trent Reznor, whose Creative Commons license allows us to use the most excellent Track 18 from his ambient album Ghosts I-IV as our intro and outro music. Thanks for listening!