Wait, What? ep. 4.1: The Newness of Dull

We spent a long time gabbing this week, meaning you get, um, 5 podcasts? (Maybe--I'm not done editing them yet, and I can't guarantee by the end we're not just giggling and making dolphin noises.) As you'll see (well, hear), it's as much your fault as ours (and by 'yours,' I mean those wonderful souls who contributed questions, suggestions and comments in a previous thread.) But the first episode of the lot starts on a focused note: I respond to Graeme's lovely recent piece about Wednesday Comics, Graeme responds, I respond to his response, etc., etc., dolphin giggles, and...scene.

So hear us talking about Wednesday on a Wednesday, then come back on Thursday to hear us talk about...something else.

And, as always, thanks for listening!