Wait, What? Ep. 36: Sexy Sinestro

Photobucket Hello, friends. I almost managed to screw the pooch on this deadline too, but things came together, I was able to find a little patch of editing and uploading time, and...here we are. Sexy Sinestro Time!

So, as I mention in my intro, WW? 36 is our almost-didn't-happen shortcast which goes to prove that even when Graeme and I are both exhausted and overworked and have sworn that we're not going to talk comics, we can and will still have something to say about comics. Consequently, however, we media res the hell out of this one, cutting in very late on our discussion and cutting out kinda early.  (It's like good screenwriting advice as applied to podcasts!  Next up,  Graeme and I will start discussing comics but by the third act, comics will be discussing us!  Admittedly, my screenwriting knowledge is shaky, but apparently the perfect screenplay is structured like a Yakov Smirnoff joke.)

Still--we manage to talk DC's Doomsday event, Dan DiDio's Outsiders, Fear Itself, Ultimate Fallout, and Green Lantern: Secret Origin wherein we do indeed discuss--all too terribly briefly--Sexy Sinestro.

Those inclined should be able to find it on iTunes (hopefully by the time this post goes live) or you can listen to it here:

Wait, What, Ep. 36: Sexy Sinestro

As always, we hope you enjoy it--and thanks for listening!