Wait, What? Ep. 35: Useful Detritus, Somehow

Photobucket Yeah, ran a little late for reasons about which I had very little control over...but hope you all are doing okay?

It's Ep. 35, and Graeme and I talk Fear Itself #1, re-examine Fraction and Ferry's Thor, talk Bakuman Vol. 4 and Onion Head Monster: Catastrophic, and answer questions posed to us on Twitter. It may sound a little skimpy on content, but that's just because I'm not doing it justice at all: it's 90+ minutes of red-hot (mostly) comics talk. Should be available on iTunes by the time this goes live, and you can also listen to it right here:

Wait, What, Ep. 34: Useful Detritus, Somehow

As always, thanks for listening--and special thanks to Dasbender and everyone else who took a second to give us a review on ITunes. It's always appreciated.