Wait, What? Ep. 31: Epic Runs of Non-Epicness

Photobucket I'll spare you the epic amounts of bitching I usually unleash around this time, the end/start/whatever-the-hell-it-is of Daylight Savings Time that always fucks me up for at least a few days and sometimes as much as a week. Suffice it to say, if you've ever heard Paul F. Tompkins' terrific bit mocking people who over-react to DST, and wander about in a daze saying things like, "Who--who's President? What day is this? Have I grown a long, woolly beard?", you will know he is making fun of people like me. Even as I laughed with recognition at the routine and promised to change, I apparently cannot: it took a taser to get me out of bed this morning.

Anyway, enough about that! Let's talk about Wait, What? Episode 31! Martian Manhunter! Justice League Detroit! Takio! Michael Fleisher's run on Ghost Rider! John Romita, Jr.! L'il Punisher! It's got just about everything you could want--more or less--in just as much time in which you would want it--provided you would want it in about 90 minutes.

It should be on Itunes! (Alternately? It is on Itunes!) And you can listen to it here, if that is the sort of thing you like to do:

Wait, What? Ep. 31: Epic Runs of Non-Epicness

As noted on the podcast itself, we are still working with a slightly touchy Skype connection, my new buzzy headphones, and a willingness to work at improving the sound quality via Levelator and noise removal tools.  If it sounds hinky to you, please let us know--we are still working the bugs out.

And, as always, thanks for listening!