Wait, What? Ep. 21.1: Our Year in Review Part I

Photobucket I have no reason why there is an illustration of Devil Dinosaur accompanying this post.    Surely, you would think that "because it is awesome" would be reason enough, right?  At the time, I was trying to find a way to illustrate some points Graeme and I make about Marvel in this particular installment but...well, sometimes Google Images is just not kind when it comes to expressing abstract concepts.

In any event:  Episode 21.1 is here, and in it Graeme and I spend a certain amount of time (the first 22 minutes and thirty seconds, in fact) catching up before launching into our discussion of what we thought were the top news stories of the year.  It's just the sort of thing to listen to while huddling for warmth on a stranded A Train or wondering which member of your snowed-in family will be the first to be eaten...or so I have it on good authority.

This installment should already be burning a hole in your Itunes, but if not, or if you'd rather just stare at wonderful Kirbyness while listening, you can listen to it here:

Wait, What? Ep. 21.1: Our Year in Review, Part I

We hope you enjoy and Part 2 should be forthcoming shortly!