Wait, What? Ep. 18.3: Emperors, Jokers...

Photobucket You know when you're trying to post something and you're having an even worse time than usual finding something that will sort of obliquely reference the point of your post, and you're digging through your relatively paltry photobucket library and you come across an old comic book cover that you like but is totally irrelevant to the topic at hand and you figure, "ehhhh, why not?"

Lord, I sure do.

Anyway, welcome to Wait, What? Ep. 18.3, wherein Graeme and I take an excellent question from the witty Adam Knave--"if you could pick anyone to be EIC at DC and Marvel, who would it be?"--and prove ourselves ridiculously uncomfortable with the idea of reshaping reality. I don't think anyone will be greenlighting our "Infinity Gauntlet: Now Everything Tastes Like Cheeseburgers!" cosmic event any time soon, let's put it that way.

It is very nearly an hour and 15 mins. long, it is absurdly insider-basebally (recently, in trying to tell her friends what kind of podcast I do, Edi had used that term to describe it, and also that it was the kind of show where we discussed not just our favorite comic book characters, and our favorite writers and artists, but actually would debate who our favorite editors were...and she had done so without knowing we had recorded this very podcast) and it is already up and wailing away on Itunes (as Ben Lipman, and hopefully others, have already discovered).  You can also listen to it here:

Wait, What, Ep. 18.3, Emperors, Jokers...

We hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening!