Wait, What? Ep. 14.2: Superfast Jellyfish

Photobucket Yes, we talk Gorillaz...and also One Moment In Time, superhero offspring, photorealistic comics, Alex Maleev, the digital marketplace, and more questions from the fine people on Twitter in our tightly wound superfast forty minute installment. It's on Itunes waiting for you and it's also here for your listening pleasure:

Wait, What?, Ep. 14.2

Interestingly, due to Graeme's Tony Stark-like lifestyle, this is the first week in, um, I dunno...about a month and a half?...where we won't be recording. So, no podcast next week for sure, and then we'll see how things come together after that--maybe a biweekly thing while I'm visiting the Big Apple? We'll piece something together, I imagine.