Wait, What? Ep. 12.1: The Bottled City of Candor

Photobucket I either need to get much, much better or much, much worse at my image searches for our podcast entries...

Anyway, Schrodinger's website situation notwithstanding, Wait, What? ep. 12.1 is on Itunes for you to peruse, and in it Graeme and I talk about many, many things--like "Busiekgate," Hickman, Fraction, and the influence of Grant Morrison on today's books, and (as you may guess from the image above) a big ol' discussion on Joss Whedon and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, seasons five through eight.

Or, should you prefer, you can listen to it here:

Wait, What? Episode 12.1

and we'll have Episode 12.2 for you tomorrow.

Hopefully, with a better image.

Or maybe a much worse one.

(p.s.:  Special thanks to the mighty Chad Nevett for helping iron some technical difficulties almost immediately after I posted this. As you probably know, he and Tim Callahan's Splash Page podcast is always terrific listening.  Thanks again, Chad!)