Wait, What? Ep. 11.2: The Podcast With The Jaws of Steel!

Photobucket A podcast cut brutally short: oh sure, Graeme and I talk about Jack Kirby's Losers Omnibus, and The Hunger Dogs (and Graeme, like the last podcast, is pretty much firing on all guns), Jimmy Olsen and Superman, and then Skype decides Jeff needs a timeout...whether I like it or not. (I didn't.)

Anyway, it should probably be longer, but it's on Itunes and you can listen to it right here:

Wait, What?, Ep. 11.2

(Also, if you could pretend I didn't refer to it in the recorded intro as "The Loser Omnibus," I'd appreciate it. Believe it or not, that intro was the best I could do.) By next week, we should have two generous portions--and hopefully I won't blow their intros---to make up for it.