“Never Follow A Hippie To A Second Location, Lemon.” Or, Wait, What? Ep. 15.2

I'd never realized how badly I wanted to type that line as a post title until I actually did. Photobucket

Anyway, it's episode 15.2 of Wait, What? and Graeme and I talk about the latest volume of Mome, Kevin Huizenga's Wild Kingdom, Gangsta Rap Posse and of course....the second issue of Alan Moore's Neonomicon:

Wait, What? Episode 15.2

As I said, we're planning on talking next week so we may have new eps. up around Halloween (or just a little after)...and of course, I would love to write a few reviews even though I'm behind on about a dozen things right now (and approximately a half-dozen emails to people I really should've written back by now) so we'll see what happens.

Either way, we hope you enjoy the 'cast!