Listen to Graeme & Jeff Babble: Wait, What? Edition 1.1 now available...

Okay, so I'm not particularly on top of the new-fangled technology, otherwise this would've gotten to you sooner and better, but Graeme and I spent a few hours last week talking about comics and put it into convenient podcast form for you. We hope you give it a listen and let us know what you think... Some notes:

(1) the opening music is Track 18 from Nine Inch Nails' excellent ambient album Ghosts I-IV, because Trent Reznor, bless him, actually has a creative commons license for the work that allows us to use it.

(2) I think I sound like a bozo for the first two minutes or so. Just hold out until you hear Graeme get going--it's more than worth it.

(3) I'll be uploading Part 2 of the conversation tomorrow on Saturday and we should have Part 3 for you by Monday. Who says this isn't the Savage Critic age of Sonic Gratification?

And here is the rest of it.