Giant-Sized Wait, What? #1 Now Available For Your Ears....

Like a time traveler arriving to warn us all from the long-forgotten bygone era of Sunday, Giant-Sized Wait, What? #1 is available for your listening pleasure. In it, Graeme and I talk, approximately a week late at the time, about the announced purchase of Marvel by Disney. (Sure. See if we do that shit again. We emailed each other just yesterday about discussing the recent DC restructuring, but decided to do so would only invite further seismic activity along Ye Olde Direct Marketplace Fault Line.)

Seriously, though, you may find some enjoyment in this--it's like, um, steampunk comic market analysis! Or...something.

It's also long (hence the name, but also to distinguish it from the other episode of Wait, What? we recorded that's still being sonically sliced, diced and pureed for eventual consumption)--like 90+ minutes long, so it's good for commutes, and mindless wage-earning drone work, and digging a deep, deep grave in which you can finally dispose of that hateful corpse that's been silently nagging you for so long...

Some notes:

1) The Hibbs open letter to Disney we mention is here.

2) Laura Hudson's article is, uh, here? Or maybe, uh, here?

3)For me, anyway, the key to understanding why Disney was hot for Marvel, even with movie deals in place, is what Heidi mentions here in her first bullet/section point.

Hope you enjoy!