Staff Pick of the Week 3/28/18


Mike Carey and Peter Gross, who previously worked together on THE UNWRITTEN over at Vertigo after pretty illustrative careers independently, join forces once again for a brand new dark fantasy.

There is a fair number of similarities between this and UNWRITTEN, both are the stories of young people with destinies larger than they can fathom at the outset and a connection to a world separate from their own that the series will spend the length of it's run exploring.

Highest House finds it's own identity in leaning into the creators strengths. Mike Carey writes a dense and rewarding script with lavish fantasy flourishes in a world that feels fully formed the moment we walk in to it. The fullness of the setting lays equally at the feet for Peter Gross who gets to do the best work of his career afforded by the larger format of the book, plus Gross seems to have been holding out in the past on his layouts as this is some top tier design happening on these pages.

Issue #2 released this week if you are looking to have a longer read and want to get into some thoughtful, gorgeous fantasy work.