Staff Pick of the Week 3/14/18

  • Comic: Eternity Girl #1 by Magdalene Visaggio and Sonny Liew
  • Staff: Julie

I’m already a huge sucker for Gerard Way’s Young Animal Line so it was no surprise that I enjoyed the heck out of Eternity Girl #1. Liew’s vibrant brush work combined with Visaggio’s story of an unhinged superheroine trying to get her life back on track is just the comic Young Animal promised me. The comic and character were actually introduced during the recent Milk Wars crossover event and subsequently got me pumped for the series. Using an entirely new character, Eternity Girl is giving us the horror story that is silver age superheroes that’ve been given powers thru government experimentation, been brought back to comics every other decade in an attempt to give that person a good storyline, and then cast away again once they’re outlived their usefulness. Superheroes are always fading in and out of the limelight and Eternity Girl is literally fading in and out of her reality (not to mention attempting to end her life over and over again to no avail because what character ever actually dies?). This series is getting into superhero mental health much like Black Hammer and Mister Miracle does, so I’m extremely excited what this comic is going to do next and hope it can stand the test of comic book time.