Staff Pick of the Week 2/14/18

  • Comic: Giant Spider & Me: A Post Apocalyptic Tale, Volume 1 by Kikori Morino
  • Staff Member: Julie

So I’m a sucker for a cute cooking manga but this one takes the CAKE! (SORRY) Giant Spider & Me blends the cooking theme with a healthy dash of post-apocalyptic sadness. There’s been a rash of really good post-apocalyptic manga as well (Girls Last Tour, I Am Hero, The Girl From the Other Side) and this happily joins the ranks as an adorable girl-meets-horrifying-monster tale. The girl, Nagi, lives alone in the woods outside of a sunken city where she meets Asa, a curious, monster spider who loves her meals and joins her on day-to-day activities. Nagi’s still a little scared of her companion as Asa doesn’t seem to be a normal spider whatsoever, but the friendship is still developing and I’m sure there will be a lot more volumes to spin the yarn (dammit I did it again).