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Book Signing Gerard Way & Nick Derington, Doom Patrol : Brick By Brick

  • Comix EXPERIENCE 305 Divisadero Street San Francisco, CA, 94117 United States (map)

Wednesday, June 21st from 5 PM to 7:30 PM Comix Experience is proud to present Gerard Way and Nick Derington for DOOM PATROL: BRICK BY BRICK.  To be followed by private Q&A event exclusively for Graphic Novel Club members (There are still a VERY limited number of spaces for NEW annual GN Club members only, please click link above to join, but if you sign up for month-to-month, you will be NOT be able to attend the meeting -- you will, however, still receive the exclusive bookplate if you join BEFORE 6/1)

You MUST purchase a copy of DOOM PATROL: BRICK BY BRICK from Comix Experience in order to attend the public signing; only 250 people may attend. AS OF 6/6/2017 we are SOLD OUT OF SPACES FOR THE PUBLIC SIGNING! Sorry you missed it!

1)  We are preselling DOOM PATROL: BRICK BY BRICK starting immediately at both stores (305 Divisadero St. and 2381 Ocean Ave.) and online. Click here to order online now -- but we no longer have tickets available for the signing event! That would be only if you want a copy to READ (it's great)  You MUST have a copy of DOOM PATROL: BRICK BY BRICK, purchased from us, in order to attend the signing!

2)  People who buy a copy will be assigned a number in a FIFO ("First In, First Out") fashion. The first person to pre-buy will be #1, the second will be #2, and so on. This FIFO positioning will be between both stores and online sales. It doesn't matter which way you buy it from Comix Experience, we'll do FIFO by time/date bought!

3)  We will give people their number when they pick up their pre-sale copy – which you can do starting on Wednesday 5/31/2017 – or at any time before the signing. ALL COPIES THAT ARE NOT SHIPPED HAVE TO BE PICKED UP AT DIVISADERO ST. You also may pick your copy up the day of the signing, obviously. We will not know your number until 5/31 (because: two stores and online sales), so please do not ask before. Copies bought between the release date of the book and the signing on 6/21 will be assigned a number on the fly.

4)  That number will then give you a general "time slot" to show up, rather than having to line-up early. In other words: people who are #1-20 will be let in between approximately 5 and 5:15, #1-40 will be let in between about 5:15-5:30, #1-60 will be between 5:30 and 5:45, etc.  NOTE:  THESE ARE NOT EXACT TIMES, YET.  The goal is that if you are #64, you'll know that you don't need to show up before 6 PM, rather than having to get in line and wait for several hours.   The day of the event, we will provide regular updates on twitter (ie: "#1-15 can now line up", "#1-30 can now line up" and so on) – that Twitter account is @comixexperience, so please consider following it.

5)  If you are person "#1," that doesn't mean you are "the first person in line," per se (though you might be!), it just means that you'll be able to show up at any point during the signing and get "right in."  Person #64 "can't" get in before 6 PM. (for example)   Person "#1" could show up at 6 PM if that's better time for them, and they won't have to wait for more than a few minutes because we'll be allowing in people #1-100 (or whatever) during that period – the first 90 of which have hopefully already cycled through.

6)  There will be a THREE ITEM LIMIT on items signed – DOOM PATROL and any two other things you choose.  Again: you MUST have a copy of DOOM PATROL: BRICK BY BRICK bought from us, in order to attend the public signing. If people want more than three items signed, it is possible, but not likely, that we may be able to allow you to get in line a second time.  This is really not likely.

If you would like to purchase Way's other great books for the signing, just click on any of the images below.  All books bought from us for this event can be signed (the exception to the 3-item rule):

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