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Comix Experience is San Francisco's oldest and most diverse comic book and graphic novel store, with two locations to serve you. Our Divisadero Street location specializes in graphic novels, with The City's widest-by-far inventory of books in every genre and style imaginable, while our Ocean Avenue store specializes in back issue comic books with a deep and eclectic inventory of all of your favorite comic books from the past.

Whichever store you visit, you'll quickly see that Comix Experience doesn't just like comics, we LOVE comics,
and our friendly, dedicated staff are frankly delighted to help you find the perfect comic no matter what your interests are.
If you need more information, feel free to contact Head Cheese Brian Hibbs at

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San Francisco is about to raise minimum wage to the nation’s highest at $15/hour over the next three years – a 43% hike. While we at Comix Experience absolutely support a living wage, this unprecedented increase will put a huge pressure on small businesses like ours. To put it into raw numbers, given our current staffing (and we run very tight), we will soon have to generate an additional $80,000 a year in sales just to meet the rise.  Click here to learn more about how the minimum wage impacts small businesses.

We think we've found a way to generate those sales while adding significant value for our customers.  We invite you to join our Graphic Novel Club and be part of the solution.  Learn more>