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1)    We are preselling DARK NIGHTS METAL HCs starting immediately.  You MUST purchase a copy of the book, from Comix Experience, in order to get a ticket to meet Scott Snyder.  No exceptions. We have a strict time limit of two hours (between 5 and 7 PM) on Sunday 7/29/2018 for Mr. Snyder to sign for the general public, so we are limited to 125 people attending!



2)    People who buy a HC will be assigned a number in a FIFO fashion. The first person to pre-buy will be #1, the second will be #2, and so on. This FIFO positioning will be between both stores! (305 Divisadero St. and 2381 Ocean Ave) It doesn't matter which store you buy it at, we'll do FIFO by time/date bought!


3)    We will give people their number when they pick up their copy – which you can do starting on Wednesday 06/27/2018 – any time before the signing. ALL COPIES HAVE TO BE PICKED UP AT DIVISADERO ST. You may pick your copy up the day of the signing, obviously. We will not know your number until that Wednesday (because: two stores), so please do not ask before. Copies bought between 6/27 and the signing on 7/29 will be assigned a number on the fly.


4)    There will be a three-item limit on items signed – the HC and any two other things for most attendees (though, clearly, you could buy the HC, and not have it signed, if you really wanted to). If people want more than three items signed, they can get into the non-preorder line (see next point)


5)    Because we don't want cut out people who have supported Scott's career for years, but whom don't want to buy the HC, we will have a secondary line. That line will be a traditional line-up-and-wait set-up. People in this secondary line will be allowed only if space allows in the line. While it is possible that a person in the secondary line could be allowed in the first 20 minutes, it is probably much more likely that we'll be letting secondary line people in right before the signing ends at 7 – or maybe not at all! – depending on how fast Scott signs.. People purchasing a copy of the METAL HC and getting a ticket will be guaranteed to meet Scott, those who don't (or who get back in line for their fourth+ item to be signed!) may not be (but we'll make every effort to accommodate everyone, to the limits of our available time)


6)    Copies may be pre-purchased at either store (305 Divisadero St. or 2381 Ocean Ave); or over the telephone (Divisadero only: 415-863-9258) with a credit card. We prefer in-store transactions, though, because it saves us about 1.5% of the cover price of the book to when the card is "not present". We can also take paypal payments of $32.54 (that includes sales tax) to that will FIFO by time stamp-received. Please make sure to include a phone number with any paypal order, in case we need to contact you!  You can also purchase a copy on our ONLINE store by using this link:


7)    There are a limited (probably under 10) spots available left for NEW annual member of the Comix Experience Graphic Novel Club to attend our exclusive Q&A and private signing with Scott that starts at 8PM that evening.  You also will receive a unique bookplate, available nowhere else.  Go to to join.



If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to email or call 415-863-9258!  We’re looking forward to seeing you at the signing!