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Graphic Novel Club

November 2018: Matt & Brennan Wagner for “Mage: The Hero Denied” (Above)

October 2018: Ngozi Ukazu for “Check, Please!”

September 2018: Lisa Hanawalt for “Coyote Doggirl”

August 2018: Nate Powell for “Come Together”

July 2018: Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo for "Dark Nights: Metal"

June 2018: Hartley Lin for "Young Frances"

May 2018: Laura, Lee, and Mike Allred for "Bug: The Adventures of Forager"

April 2018: Dilraj Mann for "Dalston Monsterzz"

March 2018: Jen Wang for "The Prince and the Dressmaker"

February 2018: Rich Tommaso for "Spy Seal"

January 2018: Saladin Ahmed for "Black Bolt"

December 2017: Charles Forsman for "I Am Not Okay With This"

November 2017: Tyler Boss & Matthew Rosenberg for "4 Kids Walk Into A Bank"

October 2017: Tillie Walden for "Spinning"

September 2017: Hamish Steele for "Pantheon: The True Stories of the Egyptian Deities"

August 2017: Katie Skelly for "My Pretty Vampire"

July 2017: Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart & Babs Tarr for "Motor Crush"

June 2017: Gerard Way & Nick Derington for "Doom Patrol: Brick by Brick"

May 2017: Jillian Tamaki for "Boundless"

April 2017: Gabrielle Bell for "Everything is Flammable"

March 2017:  Michael DeForge for "Sticks Angelica: Folk Hero"

February 2017: Lorena Alvarez for "Nightlights"

January 2017: Peter Tomasi & Ian Bertram for "House of Penance"

December 2016: Isabel Greenberg for "One Hundred Nights of Hero"

November 2016: Jeff Lemire & Greg Smallwood for "Moon Knight: Lunatic"

October 2016:  Sarah Glidden for "Rolling Blackouts: Dispatches from Turkey, Syria and Iraq"

September 2016: Tom Gauld for "Mooncop"

August 2016: Lucas Varela for "Longest Day of the Future"


Kids' Graphic Novel Club