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Other Stuff

Here's other stuff that doesn't fit easily in other places on this site. 

  Savage Critics
This link will take you to the Savage Critic website, which posts regular commentary and reviews on comics, retail intelligence, and weekly shipping lists.
  Savage Critic Archives 
Before it was a separate site, The Savage Critic was hosted at Comix Experience. These files were lost in a Host crash, but we're working to see if they're ever recoverable. Check back soon! 
  Tilting at Windmills
Comix Experience owner Brian Hibbs has been writing about retailing and the comics industry since 1991. Here are some of his earliest columns, originally from Comics Retailer magazine.

  Comix Experience Fifth Anniversary Magazine
Wayyyyyyy back in 1994, Comix Experience published a 24-page magazine to celebrate our fifth anniversary, featuring new art and comics from Dave Sim, Matt Wagner, Neil Gaiman, Terry Moore and many many others. We've lovingly scanned our sole remaining copy (yes, you can even see the wrinkles and stains it has gotten over the years) for your joy and entertainment.
  Comix Experience First Anniversary Party
Here are some photos taken at our first anniversary party.
  The Photographic Evidence
We have a few photos we don't want to lose, so here is where we've put them on the website. yay!

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